ITALIC – which emerged in Cologne in 1999 from Stewardess, a music label founded in Düsseldorf in 1995 by Marc Knauer – has positioned itself in partnership with the visual arts from the very beginning. On the one hand, this can be read as an inscription in a history that is very particular to Düsseldorf, with its Kunstakademie next to the Altstadt, where painting, performance, music and intoxication have always cross-pollinated (Beuys, Conrad Schnitzler, Kraftwerk, NEU!, Ücker, Creamcheese, Paik, Penk, Atatak, Ratinger Hof, Carmen and Imi Knöbel, et cetera). On the other hand, it also pursues a notion of pop music, especially as manifested by British musicians who attended art school (Bowie, Roxy Music, new wave, post-punk...): Pop as an overwhelming force exaggerating expression and emotion, where music and lyrics are complemented by the means of clothing, hairstyle and makeup, record design, stage design and video. ITALIC has combined these influences since 1999 as a Cologne techno label, organizing music nights and events in regular clubs, but also in fashion boutiques or artists' studios. Since then it has produced over 125 releases, as well as cinematic works and – as catalog number 101 – a chair: The Italic Chair. In 2008, the label moved operations to Berlin. In 2017 the complementary exhibition space ITALIC opened on Leipziger Straße in Berlin-Mitte, presenting different forms of artistic expression – music, object, image, movement – and offering the possibility of positioning them in the appropriate medium: sound media, exhibition, film, performance, party. — Andreas Reihse
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Airchina, Antonelli, April, A Rocket In Dub, Automatique, Baal & Mortimer, BAR, Barnt, Binford, Axel Boman, Borneo & Sporenburg, Steve Bug, Kira Bunse, Coloma, Lucas Croon, Pelle Buys, Cranque, Alessandro Crimi, Diva Dompé, DJ Koze, Dumbo Tracks, Eiko Ishibashi, Elektro Music Department, Egoexpress, Einmusik, Error Error, Extra Produktionen, Dominik Eulberg, Ex Versions, Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis, Farben, The Field, Isabella Fürnkäs, Satoshi Fumi, Freestyle Man, Graziano Avitabile, Oliver Hacke, Harmonious Thelonious, Julene, Julian Knoth, John Harten, Lukas Heerich, Lothar Hempel, Indra Dunis, Carsten Jost, Paul Kalkbrenner, Hendrik Krawen, Kreidler, Matthias Lahme, Lawrence, Little Annie & The Legally Jammin’, Losoul, Marker Starling, Markus Acher, Miss Kittin, The Maghreban, Takeshi Makishima, M. Mayer, Wolf Müller, Neustadt, Orson, Pharaohs, Luciano Pizzella, Popnoname, Portable, Prince Language, Prins Thomas, Rebolledo, Roosevelt, Stefan Schwander, Stabil Elite, Soda, Skua Lovelle, Sten, Nikolai Szymanski, Televerket, Tolouse Low Trax, Von Spar, Sustainer, Niklas Wandt, Winter 2, Stefan Wissel, Eddie Zarook & Casio Casino


Leipziger Str. 61
10117 Berlin

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Italic FM — Frequency modulation radio

Italic FM is a curated genre-bending mixtape of electronic and non-electronic music.
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Redesign & Architecture
Marc Knauer, Lukas Heerich, Mounya Rezzoug, Ali Labgaa

Construction Work
Ali Labgaa

Assistance & Help
Andy Kassier, Jacob Näscher, Falk Schätzle, Francisco Gonzalez Sendino

Kira Bunse, John Harten, Lepkowski Studios Berlin, Rüdiger Nehmzow, Achim Kukulies, Jan Thierhoff, Marc Comes, Andres Hidalgo, Lothar Hempel, Maximilian Wittwer, Jelly Luise, Klaus Mettig, Lukas Heerich, Stefan Schneider

Jens Reitemeyer, Stefan Wissel, Andreas Reihse, Andrea Krause, Marc Knauer, Paul Snowden, John Harten, Detlef Weinrich with Suse Giring, Nikolai Szymanski, Mirko Podkowik, Stefan Schwander, Lucas Croon & Christina Irrgang, Jan Lankisch, Infuso Giallo, Laura Catania, Lothar Hempel, YAWN (Annika Janssen & Sandra Greiling), Bianca Strauch, Hendrik Krawen, Christopher Marquez

Philipp Fürnkäs, Michael Leuffen, Andreas Reihse, Carolin Weidner

Alexander Paulick-Thiel