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Music, design and mixing: Lukas Heerich and Mirko Podkowik

Mirko Podkowik: “The graphics are intended to create a serial impression. The picture language is simple, geometrical and deliberately surrenders from complicated animations and effects. The industrial, synchronized character and style of the whole project, which also plays with historical provocation, is being supported thereby. (...)”

Lukas Heerich: “This is sternness, from which is broken out consistently. There is the attempt to establish an understanding with the world, with the ongoing perception that it is impossible. The individualized, engineered society is being culminated dystopically.”

Mirko Podkowik: “Only Our cooperational working made this possible. The exchange is fundamental to the decision-making. We dissociate ourselves and each other from the opus. Hence the approach suits for shaping an alternative draft to the approaches in which the own art is a firm part of the concept of life or part and catalyzer of it. (...) Neustadt is not the work of our lifetime. Neustadt is now.”

Lukas Heerich: “It’s not about the mindset, but about the aesthetics of the mindset. A statement is being primarily reviewed regarding its artistic value. It is being depicted how the world is seen and there are being statements made about the implications those views have on life and the performer’s world. Of course there are personal reasons for a topical predefinition. Making precise statements on that would only derogate the opus.”

Artist: Neustadt
Title: Drohgebärden
Format: LP / CD / Digital
Cat. No.: ITA097
Release date: 21 January 2013