The Blackout Quintet

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"My (musical) world is a little bit dark... a little bit off-center. I think of it as tragically beautiful. That is how I would describe what I love best: tragically beautiful." (Angelo Badalamenti)

The music on The Blackout Quintet is best described not just as haunting but as positively ghostly. It is set in the hours of transition between day and night, in that shadowy no man's land from dusk to darkness or darkness to dawn.

Artist: Antonelli
Title: The Blackout Quintet
Format: 2LP / CD / DA
Cat. No. ITA054
Release date: 14 November 2005

Written and produced by Stefan Schwander. Mastering by Olaf Dettinger. Painting by Krawen / Jacobsen. Design by Marc Knauer.

*Vinyl / Digital Bonus Track

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