Kira Bunse

Trouble Exposures

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Artist: Kira Bunse
Title: Trouble Exposures
Format: Book
Language: German, 32 pages, 20 Images
Size: 20 x 25 cm, Brochure
ISBN: 978-3-942680-16-5
Published by Strzelecki Books, 2011

More than one year after a shooting, fashion photographer Kira Bunse discovers two forgotten Polaroids in her camera. Instead of pulling them out, she exposes the material again - and is fascinated by the creative potential of the multiple-exposed images. What arose by chance grows into a new unit of work: double exposures, in which foreground and background, models and environments overlap in many ways and confuse the quick perception: trouble exposures. The models in her fashion series step out of the commercial context and find themselves in supposedly unconnected situations. What is it that merges with a male body? An unplastered wall, a hint of a row of houses, the seashore, a bed sheet? Anyone looking at Kira Bunse's trouble exposures is seduced to take a closer look and experiences how complex layers of motifs elude definition. Things stand on their heads, stone patterns, light reflections and naked skin overlap in palimpsest-like compression. A poetry of layers and traces emerges, whose appeal lies in the stubborn combination of photographic precision and random coincidence.

Kira Bunse (b. 1979, Braunschweig) is an artist living in Paris. Fashion photography is at the heart of her work, so she works for various labels, but also publishes editorials for international publications, from underground to glossy, from Purple to Vanity Fair. Kira Bunse's subjects are glam, pop culture, the joys of youth, sexualities, beauty of the body. This sets in motion an arousal of mutual condition, of curiosity and desire.