John Harten


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Textile print on flag material, 2012/2018,
243 x 114 cm, signed and numbered, Edition of 5

Published on the occasion of the exhibition John Harten - Himmel, Sterne, Rotzkaserne.

John Harten (b. 1977, Kiel) is an artist and musician living in Berlin. His two creative outlets are Public Folder and Magazine: a formally open platform for print products and a record label, which are intertwined in many ways. Besides music – as a partner with Magazine, as an organizer, as a producer, as a DJ – Harten's medium is photography. He often works with found material, which he then manipulates through the use digital techniques or assigns new meanings through recontextualization. He often chooses unwieldy images that convey or playfully imitate a certain documentary quality and thus transport a calm, matter-of-fact atmosphere. Nervosity is not his thing. A calm, clear view is. The tension arises between the pictures.