Hendrik Krawen

Sabine und Salva

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Fine Art Print,
35 x 24 cm,
signed and numbered,
Edition 10+1 AP

The work, based on an older black-and-white photograph by Hendrik Krawen, shows two young people - let's follow the title of the work: Sabine and Salva - who are staged in a corner of a room, facing each other. The photograph does not seem to be posed, it has the appearance of a snapshot, perhaps from a private series, capturing the events of a party or the circle of friends. The nonchalance of the poses and gestures as well as the style of dress and hairstyle breathe post-punk, which corresponds to the photograph taken in 1982. If photography is a rather unusual medium in Hendrik Krawen's oeuvre, one can draw clear lines of connection to his other works: in the reduction of the subject as well as the pictorial elements, in the strict graphic structure with repetitive patterns, in the paired arrangement of people in space, as well as in the cropping and framing.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Hendrik Krawen - Der Angebrochene Tag.

The artwork is sold unframed.