BPA Exhibition - Berlin Program for Artists

Initiated by artists Angela Bulloch, Simon Denny and Willem de Rooij, the Berlin Program for Artists (BPA) aims to bring young artists in contact with more established colleagues from the various contexts and networks that make up Berlin as a city of arts. While being rooted in Berlin and Germany, BPA sees the city as a coordinate in a global network, and is hungry for far-reaching exchanges. The project aims to situate itself in the practicing art world: a meeting point by artists, for artists. BPA makes use of Berlin’s existing infrastructure: participants work from their own studio.

BPA Exhibition - Berlin Program for Artists
25 February—11 March 2019
Opening: Monday, 25 February, 6—8 pm
Leipziger Str. 61—63, 10117 Berlin
Friday—Sunday, 12—4 pm

The exhibition will be hosted by: FRAGILE (Leipziger Str. 63), BEACH OFFICE (Leipziger Str. 61/62), ITALIC (Leipziger Str. 61)

Scott Roben, Nadine Hattom, ae73edb7@aeaeaeae.io, Yalda Afsah, Aliénor Dauchez, Mickael Marmans, Yuki Kishinos, Cosima zu Knyphausens, Adam Kaplan.

Curated by Maurin Dietrich

Berlin attracts artists of all ages and nationalities, as one of the most important cities for contemporary art production in Europe. Artists, critics, curators and collectors worldwide benefit from this unique climate of inspiration, competition and exchange. Although a variety of programs and residencies exist in Berlin, there is room for a focused, practice-based, lightly formalized network to connect young artists who finished their studies and who are at the start of their career with experienced mentors who have an active and internationally oriented studio practice. Each group shares their knowledge and perspective in a forum that encourages exchange between parties as equals and values diversity in perspective.


BPA Exhibition - Berlin Program for Artists 2018