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ITA101. Furniture, Finland birch plywood, Dark walnut oil on surface, 4.34 kg, 85,5 × 48,0 × 36,0 cm (Sitting height: 45 cm), Manufactured by Möbelatelier Stefan Schwander, Düsseldorf.

A chair is a chair - is not a chair. Or at least not only. Some things in our environment are currently experiencing a transformation: from mere commodities to artifacts of biographical relevance. Take for example that old armchair, which once stood bleakly next to the trash. Or that shelf, screwed to completion in a seemingly endless procedure. This may sometimes seem kitschy or nice, but above all, it is normal. These are stories that wrap around metal, wood or plastic and offer meaning.

But the story often begins much earlier. Most inventory has its very own past life. It usually starts with people we do not know. Such constructions emerge in their minds, are gradually developed and, if craftsmanship is available, they can even find a physical form. And one of these stories starts with Stefan Schwander, already familiar through his musical output as Antonelli or Harmonious Thelonious. We have him to thank not only for countless pristine tracks, but also for the chair we are referring to here. It's name: THE ITALIC CHAIR. Therefore, this message is one of celebratory enthusiasm - with excellent results and providing an example that unusual combinations are more than just possible. Because THE ITALIC CHAIR not only serves without any problem as an aesthetic-haptic bridge between a record label, artistry and furniture - it wishes to be is understood as such.

That of course is no coincidence. Stefan Schwander pursues an artistic practice that brings tears of joy to the eyes of many a creative coach: he simultaneously maintains different interests and abilities – a music studio on one side, a furniture workshop on the other. Thus THE ITALIC CHAIR originated in Düsseldorf, and after nearly three years of conceptual work it left the nursery between sawdust, glue and oil to begin its service as tasteful seating object and bear the title "the only label chair, far and wide". And despite its remarkable singularity, THE ITALIC CHAIR represents the label perfectly - classic and futuristic, simple and extravagant, avant-garde and minimalist, and of course, also functional. It is a successful synthesis in Finnish birch.

Real hand-craftsmanship, with a seemingly freely-hovering plateau, impetuous shape and dark colour speak a powerful but discreet language. THE ITALIC CHAIR is Stefan Schwander, it is ITALIC and it is also a story that requires updating – at home, in the office, in the studio, in the gallery, the restaurant or any other premises that one appreciates and loves. A bit more of Stefan Schwander's inherent narrative is a highly enjoyable footnote beneath the seat... and it has to do with music.

Text: Carolin Weidner