ITALIC recordings

Stefan Schwander



Stefan Schwander pursues an artistic practice that brings tears of joy to the eyes of many a creative coach: he simultaneously maintains different interests and abilities – a music studio on one side, a furniture workshop on the other. 

Since the mid 90s, Stefan Schwander has been making cutting edge electronic music. His clear affinity for disco is reflected in flawless propulsive dance grooves and the occasional anthemic refrain. Like the best tracks of Giorgio Moroder, his basslines bubble below a straight ahead beat. Most of his releases also reflect a bit of Antonelli’s experimental side. Though these are for the most part straight dance cuts, there are also nods to the production styles of dub and modern abstract electronic music, where sound manipulation produces unexpected tones and surprising rhythmic complexities. 

With his many pseudonyms such as Harmonious Thelonious, A Rocket in Dub, Repeat Orchestra, Rhythm Maker, Pop Up (with Jörg Burger/The Modernist), Swimmingpool (with Michael Scheibenreiter), The 23s or Antonelli he continues to inspire whole generations of producers as well as DJs.