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The Ghost in Walls

The Ghost in Walls

25 July–2 August 2020
Opening: Saturday, 25 July 2020, 3–6 pm
ITALIC, Leipziger Str. 61, 10117 Berlin


Everyone has a ghost story - aberrations, inconsistencies, and neglected experiences hiding in our collective memory; taking the forms of monuments, statuary, relics and rubble.

Using Berlin’s fertile history as a point of investigation for what represent a broader international phenomenon, The Ghost in Walls summer school, initiated by Shared Campus in collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts and the School of Creative Media/City University of Hong Kong (6–17 July 2020), presents the culminating works of international students in attendance.

»When pop can no longer muster a nihilation of the World, a nihilation of the Possible, then it will only be the ghosts that are worthy of our time.« (Mark Fisher)

After two weeks of (online) intensive talks, studio visits and discussions with various Berlin based cultural agents, artists, musicians, curators, philosophers and critics, the students share their reflections and impressions on the past, present and considerations of the future - in light of their own particular experiences of place - by creating their unique postcard images.

The exhibition invites visitors to participate in this mail art exchange by sharing their thoughts and sentiments on the postcards, which will be correspondently sent to each student.

The students and participants will be present via zoom.
Special thanks to Andreas Reihse and Zaza Rusadze.

Participating Artists:

Alfonse CHIU, Alice FISCHER, Amy FAN, Caitríona McALLISTER, Danuka Ana TOMAS, Edo BUTTINELLI, Elizabeth KEZIA, Felicia AGATHA, Freya HUANG Suhuai, Hugo von ALLMEN, Liina LEO, Melody MOU, Neko ZHANG, Peien CHIU, Pratibha NAMBIAR, Tina YEUNG, Victoria HERTEL, Will BRITTEN, Xun HONG, Yang CHEN, Janice TSUI, Ann MAK, WONG Hei Chit

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