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AIRCHINA - The Brandt Bluetooth Ballet

AIRCHINA - The Brandt Bluetooth Ballet

21 June 2019, 8—9 pm
BER - Berlin Brandenburg Flughafen
Willy-Brandt-Platz, 12529 Berlin-Schönefeld

Music for unfinished Airports / Project Space Festival 2019

The performance "Music for Unifinished Airports" organized by ITALIC and performed by AIRCHINA took place at Berlin's BER Airport on Project Space Festival day 21.

BER (Berlin Brandenburg Airport) is an international airport under construction on the southern city limits of Berlin in Schönefeld, Brandenburg. Flight operations should have started officially in November 2011 and after a moderate schedule correction in June 2012. However, the date was postponed several times due to technical defects, among other things, but the construction of the airport could still not be completed during this time.

At the end of 2017, the operating company last officially issued October 2020 as the new "resilient opening date". Among the particular technical deficiencies are the so-called #untraceablespaces, which have arisen due to the fact that it has still not been possible to number the spaces of the ruin correctly, with the result that spaces can no longer be found unambiguously. On the 21st day of the Project Space Festival Berlin, the construction costs meanwhile amounted to over 7.3 billion.

Set of instructions:

The Brandt Bluetooth Ballet

There will be a band that doesn’t exist. Three full functioning black and white copies of the actual band members that performed as AIRCHINA a year earlier at ITALIC will form a one-time-only band to perform on Friday, 21st of June 2019 at Willy-Brandt-Platz, Berlin.

They will create a 3-channel bluetooth stream of sounds, remixing material from both AIRCHINA releases, LP 1 and the upcoming LP 2. Each copy will be equipped with a speaker and a device to create and mix sounds in realtime. All copies will have access to the same pool of sample material. There will be no stage. Each copy can move around individually and choose their positions, gestures and actions intuitively. They will however follow a simple set of instructions:

1. Agree on a starting point, a first sound and/or action to signal the start of the one-hour piece.

2. Try to keep it to one hour. Check the time, but don’t stop abruptly. Find a way to come to the end as a group.

3. Try not to stop performing in-between. Keep the stream going. Moments of silence that are part of your performance are welcome, of course.

4. Move around, don’t stay glued to each other and don’t talk to each other during the performance.

5. Focus on sound and use the space. If you can’t hear the other copies, come closer to each other, if you feel you don’t harmonize with each other increase distance.

6. Use harmony, timbre, and your feeling of compatibility as „magnets“. Decide when to attract and when to repel one another.

7. Don’t feel forced to stick to one application or to recreate original compositions. Use all the material as unprejudiced, unchained and intuitively as possible.

8. Stay determined. Don’t let audiences, passers-by or circumstances distract
you, don’t interact with anybody, especially not verbally.

The band of copies will create a situation rather than a concert. The copies are not protagonists. They serve a purpose. They will be disposed of after the event.

Photos: @piotr.pietrus & @kreuzbergpavillon

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