L.A. Düsseldorf

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Original versions appear on the album „Welcome To BAR“ (ITA099).

BAR's Düsseldorf colleague Jan Schulte aka Wolf Müller, known for his trippy and percussive sound, has reinterpreted the "BAR Theme". Like on his highly acclaimed releases on the label "Themes For Great Cities", he uses especially rhythmic and driving accents. And like his previous remixes for artists such as Toulouse Low Trax, Mariam The Believer or Balearic godfather José Padilla, he gives enough space to the original while refining it with African melodic traditions and tribal grooves that never exceed a limit of 110 bpm.

The Los Angeles band Pharaohs, whose most prominent member Suzanne Kraft recently gained attention with a marvellous Ambient record, surprises us with a quiet version of "Anjali Reverse". It impresses with cool Balearic style, in midst of which a saxophone and guitars glisten in the sun. A key figure in Pharaohs for BAR is Alejandro Cohen, who they met in 2013 during a trip to LA at the Dublab studio, where Croon played a radio concert. There they also came to know and admire Diva Dompé, daughter of Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins. The singer, producer and performer has transformed the BAR song "Adios" into a gently culminating Slow-Mo-House sensation that moves the soul with restrained percussion, enchanted singing and gradual Ambient buildup.

The fourth revision stems from BAR's Düsseldorf colleague Orson, who meanwhile turns the bass up loud in Berlin and is internationally celebrated for his releases on his own label "Version". Orson has adorned the piece "Dexy's Alrobe" with rich sine waves, which wind powerfully around the sometimes backwards voice of Lucas Croon and submerges it all in a pillow of bass.

Artist: BAR
Title: L.A. Düsseldorf
Format: 12“ / Digital
Cat. No.: ITA104
Release date: 22 January 2016

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